October 27, 2021 Bruce Reynolds



Let’s be honest, we live in a society that just loves to judge others. Like we have any right to stand over anyone and point fingers, but we do it anyway. Maybe it just makes us feel better about ourselves. If others are joining in and judging others, they’ll leave us alone. Yet, the truth is that as much as we as followers of Jesus try not to judge, we need to understand that we will always be judged. The question we must ask is what will we be judged for? 

The truth is no one likes to be judged. I know when I mess up, I really don’t need a lot of people standing around pointing fingers. It’s really embarrassing and just makes me feel bad about myself. It’s not like looking in the mirror isn’t bad enough.

I’ve concluded, if I am going to be judged, let me be judged because of Jesus. Poor Paul was constantly being judged, even by other followers of Jesus. The Jews really didn’t like him at all. In Acts 23 it was the day after he got beat up just for being in Jerusalem. In his defense this is what Paul said, “I am on trial for the hope and resurrection of the dead!” Paul had put his hope and trust in that this life is just the beginning. For those of us who follow Christ we have a whole eternity waiting for us. Is there something wrong with that idea? I think most of society is okay with that, until we bring up the point that only through Jesus can we have eternal life. Watch the faces go red and the finger pointing begin. Why do people get so upset when we mention the name of Jesus? I can talk about Muhammed or Buddha or any other pagan figure and that seems to be just fine but mention the name of Jesus and watch the wind get sucked out of the room.

My point is this. People are going to judge me; they are going to judge you. If I’m going to be judged, let it be for Jesus. Let me be judged because I had the courage to proclaim Jesus as Lord. That there is no other name under heaven in which men may be saved. Let me be judged because I place my hope and trust in Jesus Christ. Let me be judged because I have the courage to stand on the truth. Let me be judged for the One who was judged on my behalf. I want to get to that place in my life when I really stop caring what the world thinks of me and all that matters is what Jesus thinks of me. I’m just thinking, if the church can get there the world better watch out because it may just get turned upside down once again.