November 24, 2021 Bruce Reynolds



Here we are right smack dab in the middle of the crazy season. Yep, it just snuck up on us like a prowling tiger. We have this wonderful holiday we call Thanksgiving where we, hopefully, will be with family and celebrate all our blessings. If you live in the United States of America, even as insane as it is getting around here, it is still the greatest nation to ever exist and that alone should cause us to be thankful.

It truly is a wonderful time to just stop and reflect upon the blessings of this life. But then the next day it happens. People rush out to celebrate peace and good will to all men by trampling on one another. All of this to get a deal on some electronic device that will stop working in about a year or at the very least be obsolete. We must get the house decorated and cookies made. It’s great! Okay, I’ll try to lay off the sarcasm for just a minute. Is it just me or do the holidays just wear us out? Thankfully around the end of January things seem to slow down, usually because it’s too cold to do anything anyway.

Life in general can wear us out. It can be overwhelming between work, kids, grandkids, ministry, chores, etc. Where do you go for rest? Many go on vacation and try to get away for a week or so. The problem is that we must come home at some point and life is always there waiting for us. What can a person do? Let me tell you what Jesus says in Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” I think we all understand that what the Lord is speaking of goes beyond rest from the daily grind of living life. NO, Jesus is speaking of the grind of trying to be right with the Father in our own strength; striving to please God which is totally impossible in the first place.

When we finally get done striving to be good people, to do good deeds, to try and make God love us, Jesus says STOP! Just come to Him, trust Him, for He is the only one that can give us true rest.

Oh sure, life will still get crazy. There will probably always be rushing around trying to get everything on our “to do list” done, but we can scratch trying to please God off the list.

As we draw closer to the wonderful days of celebrating Jesus may I challenge you with going to Him for the rest that you need. You have my permission to stop and breathe in the grace of your salvation, to stop and just be in Christ. There you will find rest for your very busy soul. Please, don’t let the demands of this world steal from you the joy of resting in Christ. Maybe we can rediscover the joy of the holidays and the whole reason we celebrate them in the first place.