May 11, 2022 Bruce Reynolds

Know Yourself

Know Yourself

Here is a question for you. Are you honest with yourself about who you are? There are some things about us that we are good at hiding, but we know that about us. I’m talking about those things about us that we believe but are not entirely accurate. For instance, there was a day when we were young and had the energy to get a lot accomplished. But if we are honest with ourselves, today we are simply happy to fall out of bed and get to the coffee maker so we can partake of that liquid energy. In my head, I can still do everything I used to do. I can, but it just takes longer.

Today I want to talk about that idea when it comes to the spiritual. Peter is a guy that gives a fitting example of what I’m talking about. In Matthew chapter 26 Jesus is preparing His disciples for what is about to happen. That He is going to be betrayed and put to death. Jesus warned them that they all would run away.

Peter, being Peter made a bold statement in verse 33 “But Peter said to Him, “Even though all may fall away because of You, I will never fall away.” I can just picture in my mind Peter saying, “all the rest of these chumps may quit and run away, but not me.” Peter may have really, honestly believed what he was saying. The sad truth though is that he did not know himself. What we do know is that after a skirmish in the garden at the Lord’s arrest they all took off, including Peter. Later we see Peter not only run away but deny Jesus three times.

Here is what I wonder. Just a little bit earlier Jesus was in the garden praying. He had asked Peter, James, and John to go along and pray with Him. They went and promptly fell asleep. What if Peter and the boys would have heeded Jesus’ warning and got on their faces before the Father and prayed for the strength and courage to stand? What if they would have been honest with themselves and their God and cried out for the power to stand? Would it, could it have changed things? We will never know. I guess that it could not have hurt.

What about us? Can we get honest with ourselves and turn over to the Lord those areas in our lives that are weaknesses? Are we willing to ask the painful request of the Holy Spirit to point out those things in our lives that need strengthening? That my family is true strength and courage; the courage to get honest with ourselves and our God.