June 22, 2022 Bruce Reynolds



Some tricks are funny and then there are those tricks that are harmful. One of the things that fire me up is when people try to trick and take advantage of the innocent. You know, the ones that will call an elderly person and say they owe the IRS money, and if they give them their credit card number they can take care of the debt over the phone, grrrr. This is the essence of the enemy, the great trickster. Throughout the history of the world, he has always been whispering lies and tricking people into places and situations that are harmful to them or derail their walk with God. There is a picture of this in the book of I Kings 13. In this chapter, the Lord gives one of His prophets a message to give to the king, not a particularly good message. In the orders the Lord gives the prophet He tells him that after the prophet gives his proclamation, he is to return home and not stop for anyone or anything. The prophet bravely gives the message to the king and begins to return home.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Another old prophet hears about the one who was sent to the king, goes to him, and asks him to go to his home for bread and water. The first prophet replies, “Can’t do it, bro, the Lord told me not to stop and go home the way I came. The second prophet replies, and this is where it gets strange, “an angel of the Lord told me to come and get you and bring you back to my house so you can eat bread and drink water.” The first prophet gets tricked and believes the second old prophet and goes to his house.

During the meal, the Lord speaks to the second prophet and tells him that since the first prophet rebelled against God and went back to eat and drink like He said not to, the first prophet is going to die and not be buried with his ancestors. That is exactly what happened, on the way home the Lord sent a lion and killed that first prophet.

There are so many questions, like why did the second prophet trick the first prophet? I have no answer, maybe he was just sent to test the first prophet.

Here is the point I want to get to. There is only one word we are to listen to and that is the word of God. There are many voices out there that will try and tell you what you are to think and where you are to be. The only question you must answer is what does the Lord say? This prophet had a clear word from God on where and when he was to serve and chose to listen to the word of a man. There are many brothers and sisters in Christ that mean well, but they are not God and even if it is by accident, they can talk us into disobeying the Lord. Now the Lord may not kill us, but the ramifications of not being where the Lord has called us can cause damage in other areas of our lives and sadly the lives of others we care about.

Let me remind us that the Lord doesn’t always call us to the easy place to do the easy task, but if we are where the Lord calls us, it will be good. Guard your heart and listen only to what the Lord has to say. Do not get tricked.