January 04, 2023 Bruce Reynolds

Good News

Good News

Let’s be honest, for many of us, 2022 wasn’t all that great. I would say it kind of stunk and I am thankful for the start of a new year and to try it again. I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems like our world is getting darker and more depressing. It is in those times I go back to where my devotions were this morning in Luke 2:10, “I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people.” Amid darkness and chaos, the Lord sent us good news, not just any good news, but the good news of “great” joy. The word great in Greek is where we get the word “mega.”

This made me think about how badly I need good news of great joy. Did you know that it is very possible that the rapture could happen in 2023? Did you know that it is possible that a great revival could break out in 2023? Did you know that the loved one, co-worker, or neighbor that you have been praying for could come to Christ in 2023?

This message that was given to man all those years ago still brings hope to mankind even to this day. May I challenge you today to stop looking at the darkness that surrounds us and start remembering there is good news that still brings mega joy? I trust Jesus, don’t you? I still believe that this good news never goes away. We just need to be reminded of how great this news is from time to time. I believe that we are going to have a great year. I believe our challenge is just to be faithful. The shepherds who received this message had no idea how all this good news stuff was going to work out. We have no idea what this new year holds, but we do know who holds this new year and I choose to trust Him.

So, hang in there and don’t give up. Remember even on a roller coaster hands can be raised to enjoy the ride. Buckle-up buttercup this year is going to be a grand adventure.